Frequently Asked Questions

For the peace and security of our students, security is provided by our 24-hour duty manager and expert staff. Our dormitories are kept under control with a security camera for 24 hours. You can also stay in the dormitories with a special security company in the day and night. Our dormitories equipped with the latest system fire cabinets, alarm systems and equipment in accordance with the standards are complete and ready to intervene with all fire and safety measures taken.

T. C. We are authorized and licensed by the Ministry of National Education. We are not affiliated and dependent on any associations, foundations, opinions or similar organizations. In line with the principles and objectives of private dormitory management, we continue our services with the aim of providing Atatürk, modern, universal, secular and scientific dormitories. There is no way to discriminate because of anyone’s thinking or clothing.

Our buildings are heated with central heating systems equipped with the latest technology. Our heating systems are checked daily by our technical team in the morning and evening.

In this huge family where the peace and happiness is experienced and the smiling face is not missing, there are meetings, graduation and moral nights. In fine weather there are picnics on weekends, trips to the historical region and nearby cities, and evenings such as cinema, theater and concerts during the year.

The dormitory fee is valid for the school year and summer school, internship etc. It is excluded. During the period of the official and religious holidays during the holidays we have branches on duty according to our student demand. You can get information from our dormitory about our prices to stay in our dormitories during the summer period.

-6 photos
-Health report
-Criminal record
-Student certificate
– A copy of the ID card
-Certificate of residence

You can pre-register via telephone or internet. Those who wish to pre-register and make reservations can contact us by filling in the pre-registration form on our website or by e-mail to our e-mail address.

You can register at the beginning of the semester with the friend or friends you want to stay in the same room. If you do not have any preference, our administrators will be given the first and second education in your departments, your socio – cultural structure and so on. Chooses your roommate in appropriate ways.

Even if we encounter a rare dispute, our dormitories will be able to transfer our students to another equivalent room or to another branch if they wish.

If you have a different question about our country, you can get in touch with us by contacting us from our Contact page, or by leaving a callback request. You can switch directly to the contact pages by clicking on the links.