Clock Card System

In our country, with the use of the clock card system different from the other dormitories, the entrance hours of our students can be controlled easily.

Internal Security

Apart from the private areas of our students, the entrances of the dormitories and the surrounding area are monitored by security cameras. Our internal security staff directs visitors passing through external security to the relevant units within the country.

The sink-toilet-bathroom

Hot water is available in our country for 24 hours. The number of students is calculated on each floor and the arranged toilets and bathrooms are cleaned twice a day by the floor staff every day.


There is an indoor gym for our students who want to exercise in a healthy and fit form. Students can also make use of the gym free of charge.

Desk & Secretariat

Our students or visitors are welcomed at the secretariat of the administrative floor and can get detailed information.

External Security

In order to ensure the peace and security of our students, who are staying at the Oktan Special Male Student Dormitory, there are public holidays in our country, as well as 24 hour duty officials and external security officers.

Laundry Service

The laundry of our students in our country is washed free of charge by our housekeepers on certain days of the week. Thus, we offer students the opportunity to save time and money.

Family Guide

The families of our students are provided to rest comfortably when they come to our country. Our goal is always to create a family environment and never lose this spirit.

Canteen and Cafeteria

We have a canteens and cafeteria open until 03:00. A variety of food and drinks are available in our canteen.

Room Features

Our rooms are laminated parquet and each room has a standard work desk, wooden wardrobe, television, fridge, iron, iron stand and tumble dryer. You can obtain detailed information by phone.

Computer room

In our country there is a computer room with internet connection. In this way, they can reach all kinds of information and prepare research, projects and homework. Our students benefit from it for free.

Suitcase Room

There is a suitcase room where students can place their luggage in each floor. There is a suitcase room on each floor.

Social Activity

Our students or visitors are welcomed at the secretariat of the administrative floor and can get detailed information.

Cleaning Service

Rooms are cleaned daily by the staff of the dorm. The duvet covers given by the dormitory are washed and ironed by the floor staff every 15 days.

Study Room

Students are provided 24 hours free of charge in the study rooms where a comfortable, quiet and modern working environment is provided. You can also benefit from the resources available in the study room.

Hobby Cuisine

You want to cook and prepare? Hobby room service has been activated for you. Enjoy your meal now! 🙂

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